Ryan Wade Ruehlen (b. 1984) is an interdisciplinary person who grew up in the rural high plains of western Kansas, the occupied lands and long held meeting grounds of the Arapahoe, Pawnee and Kansa Nations. They have made lengthy homes of Chicago IL, Boulder/Denver CO and currently resides in the Sonoran desert, in the middle of Tucson, AZ, which was built within, around and on top of the Tohono O’odham Nation. Many of their undertakings focus on collaborative efforts, prolonged projects and involvement with physical landscape. They melt feral actions and archives into blobs of light using an array of objects and recording processes. Whether working alone or collectively, relationships tend towards radical trust, technological nonchalance and improvisation. All this stuff called 'art' is the terrifying sludge pulled from a dark river flowing from nowhere to nowhere. If we put too many words to something its meaning dissolves like a jellyfish in the sun. To not distinguish between failure and discovery. Constantly unsettle any feelings of self-assured knowledge. Exploded super-impositions. Flexing steel in a collapsing skyscraper is the sound of a thousand birds joyously singing. Music as flocking in and out of uniformity. Funny tangles of death and lapping waves. Radio as emotional weather. Lyric and poem through dirt rising in the air. Smashing of cathode vibration. Kairos in everyday life.

A shovel is as powerful as a drum, a sewing needle as a hammer is rhythm and harmony.